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Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Siding

Q. What is the best way to improve the appearance of the exterior of my home?

A. If you have peeling paint and rotting clapboards and are looking for a better alternative than spending a lot of money hiding the problems under coats of paint, vinyl siding may be your best solution. Vinyl siding gives your home a fresh, contemporary look at a fraction of the cost of masonry or other costly options. Rejuvenate an older home with a completely new look. Siding will actually reduce your costs for upkeep and maintenance over the life of your home. Lyden Siding Company will show you the difference.

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Q. Is vinyl siding better than other siding materials?

Vinyl Siding is a superior value to any other siding materials such as wood, brick, stone, stucco, and metal sidings, based on initial and maintenance costs, appearance, and durability. Vinyl siding never needs painting and will not chip, peel, dent or rot. The homeowner can keep siding looking great by simply rinsing it occasionally with a garden hose. Because of its tremendous popularity, siding adds value to the home. Let Lyden Siding Company show you how.

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Q. How does the cost of vinyl compare to just repainting my home?

A. Vinyl usually costs more than repainting, but pays back in the form of reduced maintenance costs. As a rule of thumb, the crossover point is about three years. If you plan to remain in your home longer than that, vinyl siding becomes the more cost-effective choice. However, the cost advantage of vinyl can be even greater if you have warped clapboards or lead-based paint that need to be replaced or scraped. The calculation should be based on the cost of a one-time investment in vinyl siding versus the cost of repainting every three to five years. For most homeowners, vinyl siding is a superior value. The professionals at Lyden Siding Company can help you calculate your savings.

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Q. Which materials are better than vinyl?

The quality and benefits of Vinyl Siding has made it the premier choice for homeowners all across America. Construction Contractors choose Vinyl Siding for new luxury homes because of its great appearance and huge selection of styles and colors. Remodelers consider Vinyl Siding the preferred choice in renovation projects or all sizes because of its beauty, functionality, and flexible design options. Siding is available in smooth or grained finish, rich colors, and a wide variety of low-maintenance trim products and accessories. Call Lyden Siding Company for a Free Residential estimate.








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